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Story Telling

Natalie Fern Bell
3 March
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i'm natalie. i'm a smoker, get over it. i'm hot, can't help it. i'm deeper than the atlantic ocean. if you think you know me, you're wrong; if you ask 30 different american citizens you'll probably hear about 30 different people. i periodically re-invent myself, it's kind of my addiction, but i'm trying to recover from that. i'm obsessively clean and i'm the kind of butch who likes to do femme things like decorate. i'm a writer but i don't have the attention span to write a novel, i was an artist most of my life but i quit because i didn't have the patience to learn how to draw hands. i can't play any musical instruments but before i'm 18 i intend to learn how to play the guitar. i don't have a set style so i look different everyday. i use humor as my defense mechanism, so don't think i won't understand if you're hurting, because i do.
80s tee shirts, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animals, anti-bush campaign, banging, bisexuals, bitch and animal, black, blow dryers, boys don't cry, bullshit, cam corders, cancer sticks, carpet munchers, catie curtis, cats, cell phones, cheesecake, cigarettes, clint catalyst, closure, coffee houses, comforters, comprehending, concerts, converse shoes, counting crows, cruel intentions, da ali g show, dancing in the rain, dead like me, def poety, dogs, dressing odd, dykes, elephant, ellen degeneres, ember swift, emo, emo clothes, excess baggage, fag hags, faggots, finding peace, fish, french vanilla, friends, friends with benefits, fruits, fucking, fudge packers, gays, girlfriends, go fish, goo goo dolls, gray, green, grunge, hair dye, heaters, holding hands, holding me, holding you, homos, homosexuality, horses, hot ac, how to deal, howling, indie films, indigo girls, janis joplin, jessie, jewel, kodak film, lesbians, little kid shirts, long distance, lost and delirious, love, magaret cho, making love, mandy moore, margo gomez, melissa ferrick, messenger bags, michelle branch, michelle tea, music, neve campbell, night time smell, nine inch nails, nirvana, old man pants, over exposing, papyrus font, partners, pepsi vanilla, phones, photography, pigs, placebo, poetry, politics, punk, pyramid belts, queer as folk, queers, rain, ravioli, ready rolls, rolling in the hay, screaming into the night, sex, sex in church, sex in general, sex in school, sex in the bathroom, sex in the library, sex in the rain, sex in your pool, sheep, sheep sounds, short distance, showers, sister spit, six feet under, smoke, soldiers girl, soulmates, squirrels, suzanne westenhoeffer, sweaters, the city, the distillers, the l-word, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the white strips, third eye blind, touching, understanding, uniden phones, verve pipe, virginia slims, will and grace, writing, yeah yeah yeahs.